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The Lux Buff Anti-bacterial 2-in-1 Microfiber Bath Pouf / Loofah

The Lux Puff TM is a 2-in-1 bath & body pouf that is proven to naturally block the growth of bacteria inherently found in bath products.  The patented Lux PuffTM provides all the benefits of a bath pouf, a washcloth, & a loofah into one convenient package.

What Makes It Different

NO Nanotechnology

NO Chemicals

No Waste

Antimicrobial Silver

Our innovative premium materials infused with all natural silver salt is proven to be 99.9% effective in preventing bacterial growth.

Simple & Natural Solution

Many other products use harsh chemicals to help prevent bacteria growth. We simply use Polygiene pure natural silver.

Permanent Control

Because the silver is infused directly into the raw materials, it’s guaranteed for the life of the product & will never wash away.

The Science (Simplified)

Silver carries a positive charge. Bacteria carries a negative charge. When the two come in contact, the silver particle breaks the cell wall of the bacteria; destroying the bacteria before it has a chance to reproduce.

Why You'll Love The Lux Puff

Soft, Microfiber Cloth

Gentle Exfoliating Mesh

Washer / Dryer Safe

What others are saying

A bath pouf is a very personal item and something which can enhance your bathing experience manifold. But, the thing is that there isn’t really that much luxury material in…read more

K Ward

OMG I'm in love! I've been using it for some days now & I adore it! I love that it has two sides!!! Such a great idea! The only thing you…read more

Gabriela Cardoza

I have been using the Lux Puff for about three weeks now and it's easily one of the best decisions I've made for my skin. The microfiber is more exfoliating than a…read more

Claire S.

This is the nicest loofah I’ve ever used! The microfiber side is wonderfully soft, and the mesh puff isn’t scratchy or rough the way other loofahs often are. I love…read more

Diana Wolff

I’ve replaced both mine and Adam’s shower poufs with The Lux Puff, and we’re both loving them. They feel great on the skin, but most importantly we appreciate their practicality.…read more

Miranda Mendoza

SOFT! Wonderfully soft and just the right size to hold and use... I am in puff heaven! I have never been a fan of wash cloths. I could never seem…read more

LeAnn Lyon

To my delight, it delivers! - I highly recommend the Lux Puff as a wonderful shake up to your shower routine. Shower time is sometimes the most serene relaxing part…read more

Lori Sica

I really love this! I especially like how much sturdier it feels than a regular pouf. Add in the fact that I don't have to be concerned about bacteria -…read more

Melissa M.

I really, really like the microfiber cloth side, it was velvety soft and felt really nice against the skin. Also love how much it lathers and that I can set…read more

Clarissa C

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