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College Bound Care Package - Hygiene

College care packages – what NOT to forget

Summer is nearing its end and, for many, that means Back To School time! For college bound kids, parenting responsibilities don’t end with paying the tuition. Although they may be excited about “leaving the nest” going off to college can still be a difficult transition, even for the most well-adjusted teen. One of the ways to help ease them in to being on their own is to put together a care package. First, it shows you care and second, it gives you the opportunity to pack things they probably didn’t think of taking.

Depending on their needs, care packages can contain an array of items. Aside from the usual snack packs, comfort foods, pens, pencils, and scan-tron forms (do they still use those?), a care package should show contain items that they both want AND need.

Let’s face it – college dorm rooms are not always the cleanest places. Dorms are notorious breeding grounds for all types of nasty bacteria and viruses; fighting off germs is always going to be a struggle. Some of the things your kids may not think of, but will definitely need in their care packages, are health and hygiene items.

Here are a few suggestions for things to add to their care package:

  • Lysol or equivalent antibacterial spray (can double as an air freshener)
  • Cleaning products for wiping down surfaces
  • First aid kit with band-aids, antibiotic ointment, etc.
  • Zycam and lots of vitamin C
  • New bed sheets / Pillows
  • New towels (they have to bath right?)
  • and, might we suggest a Lux Puff 🙂

The advantage of packing a Lux Puff in their care package is that it will never need to be washed because it is infused with all-natural salt which blocks the growth of bacteria. Also, since it converts from a microfiber washcloth to a loofah, they only need one bath item. And just in case the guys won’t be caught dead with a loofah, here’s a little secret (guys use them too!) There is a certain company that makes one for men… a body “Tool” – but have you ever tried to use one of them? There is more plastic and molded rubber than there is a cleaning surface! If it makes him feel better, we do have the Cobalt Blue – “Cobalt” does have a more masculine feel to it doesn’t it?

Going off to college is an exciting – sometimes anxious – time. Putting some thought into what you put into a College Bound care package shows… well, shows you care!

What’s in your package?

– The Lux Puff Team  

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