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To my delight, it delivers! – I highly recommend the Lux Puff as a wonderful shake up to your shower routine.

Shower time is sometimes the most serene relaxing part of the day. A mini escape from work, the demands of a three-teen household and the domestic responsibilities
around that household, and stress that tends to fester in the mind. Recently I discovered the Lux Puff. Instantly I wanted to know more about it as washcloths seem to fester around the shower drain and sponges tend to absorb more than we like to admit. The mold free guarantee drew me in the dual sided scrub and cloth sold me. I had to try it. And to my great delight, it delivers. NO mold even in a shower with no fan or natural light. With a rinse after each use, there was no residual product absorbed, and also had no trapped odors. It held up in the delicate cycle of the washing machine and dries quickly in natural light. No matter the product, body scrubs, soap shower gels or creams the product was distributed evenly and my skin felt refreshed after each use. I highly recommend the Lux Puff as a wonderful shake up to your shower routine.

Lori Sica - New Jersey Greats
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