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SOFT! Wonderfully soft and just the right size to hold and use… I am in puff heaven!

I have never been a fan of wash cloths. I could never seem to get a satisfying sud and then, it was hard to get all the soap back OUT of the cloth. When puffs came on the market years ago I was thrilled! Whoo hoo I had suds galore and it used a fraction of the body wash to make it happen. They seemed to wash out fairly clean, so with a lick and a prayer I chose to think they cleaned themselves with the soap. But I always doubted that and sure enough, they always got a dingy look to them. Ick!

Our family has used bio-silver as an antibiotic option for many years. Silver has known properties of being anti-microbial, and we have published some of the scientific studies on our website. So when I heard about the Lux Puff incorporating silver into the puff I was in puff heaven.

When it arrived, it was attractively packaged and has a nice size to it. Not too small and not obnoxiously large but just the right size to hold and use. And SOFT! Wonderfully soft. It hangs to dry, and I am left with the knowledge that the silver is doing its work so that every use will be clean and safe. Months later my Lux Puff still looks brand new.

This will be my new gift to friends this year! Thanks!

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